We have partnerships with various support companies such as development platforms, media and VC. Individual developers and VC capitalists also support the program as a mentor.


Masubuchi graduated from Tohoku University. After spending time as a systems engineer at IBM and working at Microsoft, he moved on to being a technical evangelical. He is currently employed as a technical solutions professional.


After gaining experience in education and evaluation construction proposals, as well as in recruiting consulting, Shimane launched a service which handles music SNS and video distribution. After, he launched a startup assistance program, the Seed Acceleration Program, at MOVIDA JAPAN which funded 50 companies in 5 terms between 2011 to 2014. Currently, he is involved in the individual excavation of IT and manufacturing personnel and the education and training of local municipalities. Simultaneously, he is also in charge of assisting in the layout of startups, producing events, and providing aid for the layout of educational programs at Mistletoe. Shimane also serves as a business catalizer for the National Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), a national research and development corporation.


Hideyuki Takeuchi completed his graduate studies at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and was part of the team that helped with the foundation of Uzabase, Inc. As the CTO, he is in charge of the development and design of SPEEDA, NewsPicks, and FORCAS. He is currently laying down the foundations for Yesod, Inc. a BtoB Saas Company for a corporate management department.


Masahiro graduated from Kyoto University and has worked with social media platforms utilizing blockchain technology. The social media platform allows writers to receive ALiS if they write good articles. Furthermore, writers can earn without having to post advertisements.


Co-founder and CTO at Cryptoeconomics Lab
Shogo Ochiai is the lead engineer for the community pioneering the development of Plasma, a side chain scaling solution on the ethereum public site chain in Japan. Recently he is interested in the model inspection of Permissionless Atomic State Machine Replication and is carrying out research on Isabelle/HOL.


Nishimura has provided ICO support services to Akihiro Yamase, Akihito Kumata and to Switzerland's Zug after being employed in DB consulting at Oracle Japan. He later established ICOVO and became its CTO.


Former CTO at Starbase
Yamanaka was attracted to the groundbreaking innovation of ICOs in 2016 and began working as the Starbase's CTO during the initial project planning stage. Starbase is an ICO platform developed in Switzerland that has raised one billion yen.

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