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Support for development of dApps & ICO/IEO/STO



TECHFUND has been operating as an accelerator for five years and has a proven track record. It has helped to grow a variety of start ups and is imbued with the knowledge to succeed in growing capital.

Institutional Investors Relationship

We are forging partnerships with institutional investors and global leaders in order to enable STO/IEO in every country in the world.

Development Support

ACCEL BaaS, which was developed by our company, helps support blockchain development. ACCEL BaaS is a cloud based software that can be easily implemented through simply calling the wallet creation and remittance from the API.

How we support for Token Offering?


Business Scheme

・We carry out support of a layout combination of business models that have made use of the characteristics of blockchains with the token economy.
・We assist in the formulation of token sales planning.



・We assist in campaigns such as tokens, cloud sell contract development, KYC and Airdrop, as well as referral programs. However, our company never carries out the solicitation at the time of campaign assistance.
・We support the development of blockchain applications.
・In collaboration with our security contract partners, we assist in conducting security audits of contracts.



・We build relations with investors and users around the world, as well as provide support for token presale all the way up to cloud sales.
・We assist with listings on the virtual currency market (cryptocurrency). The support we provide is given only to issuers. Furthermore, since there is a possibility of the aiding and abetting of non registered virtual currency sales through the exchange, we do not carry out the introduction of the exchange in overseas virtual currency to those who do not properly provide KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance.


This is the startup/investor/media matching event that has progressed through an acceleration program. Angel investors, seed investors, venture capitalists and media from all over the world can gather and you can pitch to them.

Our Portfolio

Global blockchain startups in 8 Southeast Asian countries have graduated from our accelerator program. We have a proven track record of startups in various areas such as protocol layers, ÐApps, staking and hardware wallets.

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It is a start-up business that provides cloud mining services mostly on NEM. Several engineers who are influential and well-known in Japan's blockchain community are affiliated with it and we are progressing with development directed to catering services to several blockchains in the future, such as Ethereum and COSMOS.

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It is a blockchain platform project which implements the storage, management and transfer of Israeli DNA data and where Mr. Ofer Lidsky, who holds more than 30 years of experience as a software engineer in the medical industry, is the CEO. Their goal is to implement data management while preserving anonymity.

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It is a project that is doing development and custodial work on hardware wallets “Kelvin Wallet” that can be a measure against quantum computers. Among the members of the Rainbow team, which is said to be experts in cryptography, is Dr. Doug Cheng, a Harvard graduate and currently a professor in the National Taiwan University and CTO Ming-Shing Chen who has published papers at the same university.

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It is a protocol development project that has adopted Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) which are expected to solve scalability problems in blockchains. In Japan, we are progressing mainly on support provision.

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ASOBI MARKT is a platform that actualizes the protection and secondary distribution of digital technology which has utilized blockchain technology. With the aid of a “distributed security system(DSS)” that clarifies ownership of digital contents using blockchain, ASOBI MARKET solves the “issue of duplication and distribution that ignores the rightful claimant.

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Vaultitude is a platform for IP protection and management started by and for scientists and inventors. Vaultitude replaces and/or complements traditional intellectual property (IP) strategies by offering proof of authorship via secure digital publication.

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TECHFUND is a company with rich history, talented experts, strong team spirit and high moral values.It is a company with engineers and creators at its core, and members of business development include VC graduates and entrepreneur.

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Co-Founder, CEO

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Co-Founder, CEO&CCO

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Project Manager

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Global Marketer

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Global Director


We have partnerships with various support companies such as development platforms, media and VC. Individual developers and VC capitalists also support the program as a mentor.

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Vision Ventures

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How much will it cost in order to run an ICO?

It will cost about 45 million yen. The breakdown is as follows:

Company Layout: 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 Yen
Expenses for business construction and development, as well as the number of man-hours: 5 million to 20 million yen
Expenses for the Arrangement of a Lawyer: 5 million yen
Actual Expenses for PR: 5 million to 10 million yen

How much will it cost in order to set up a business overseas?

ICO companies will supposedly establish themselves in Switzerland and Singapore.
It will cost about 5 million yen in Switzerland and about 9 million yen in Singapore.
Furthermore, upkeep costs for Switzerland are about 8 million yen annually and about 6 million yen annually in Singapore.

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